About us

Health sensor technology
Agis Innovations is a leading and innovative company that has been developing high tech Health Sensor Technology for various markets since 1984 and is continuously searching for new developments, trends and innovations.

Agis Innovations was founded in 1984 by Gerard Griffioen. The company has more than 35 years’ experience in livestock management, starting with Agis Total Farm System (TFS), a complete management system for dairy farmers.

The Agis Innovations brands, CowManager and FastFocus, are dedicated to improve every day providing the most accurate data via sensor technology. The products are based on years of knowledge, research at universities, hospitals and research centres and the overall drive to improve every day.

Agis Innovations is headquarted in Harmelen, the Netherlands, is active worldwide and works with several dealers across the globe.

At Agis Innovations, the ambition is to keep innovating the most efficient and user-friendly health sensor technology, combined with expert advice, local support and service. Always keeping in mind customers’ and personal perspectives.


Agis Innovations’ vision is to continuously develop smart and easy to understand solutions for health monitoring to make users lives easier and achieve successful and sustainable benefits.

Agis Innovations core values

-    Family
-    Enterpreneurial
-    Smart
-    Involved
-    Innovative

cow sensor

Cow Monitoring System

Accurate information about cow health is essential to success in dairy farming. The better a dairy farmer knows how their animals feel, the better equipped they are to take the right action at the right time. CowManager has revolutionized the world of cow management systems with ground breaking innovations and has invented the active ear tag technology. The product is based on years of knowledge, research at universities and test farms and the overall drive to improve every day.


Wireless Patient Monitoring System

fastfocus sensor

The FastFocus Wireless Patient Monitoring System is a new way of patient monitoring that is designed and developed specifically for long-term measurement and monitoring patients’ vital signs in general hospital wards. Our ear-worn wireless device measures accelerometry and photoplethysmography. The Wireless Patient Monitoring System an easy to use and flexible research tool. Our plug and play system doesn't require any technical knowledge or valuable setup time.